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When a utility seeks to change the rates it charges to customers, it must present to the appropriate regulator, detailed justification concerning its need for a change and how the change should be implemented.  Typically, the regulator takes evidence from many interested parties in the forms of facts and figures along with expert opinions.  We provide analysis and expert opinion in rate cases to help ensure that the rate changes that result do not unfairly impact our clients.  Since this is the process where utility rarate case_supporttes are set, it is of upmost importance for customers to actively intervene and participate in cases, if they desire to have any input on the rates they will be charged.

A utility rate case involves three major areas of analysis.  The first, the Revenue Requirements area is to determine how much overall revenue a utility requires to operate.  The second area, Revenue Allocation, is to determine how much of that revenue should be collected from each customer class.  This usually involves a cost of service study to determine the costs imposed by customer classes.  The third main area, Rate Design,  sets rates to effectively and efficiently collect the revenues assigned each rate class.  We participate in all three areas of the rate case process.

Besides these major areas in rate cases, we also provide expert consultation in the following areas:

  • State/Provincial/ Federal cases
  • Electric/Gas/Water/Wastewater service
  • Intervention and Monitoring for clients
  • Rulemaking/Policy matters
  • Utility Rate Trackers  
    • Fuel and purchased power
    • Environmental adders
    • Renewable Energy charges
    • Infrastructure
    • Others
  • Policy Matters
    • Construction Financing
    • Renewable Energy
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Demand Response
    • Economic Development
    • Resource Planning
  • Transmission Issues
    • Siting
    • Interconnection studies
    • Transmission Planning
    • Load flow and stability studies
    • Other

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