Analytical Staff

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Analytical Staff

Working closely with BAI's consulting staff, the support staff provides the detailed analysis, information gathering, graphic presentation and research functions that are essential to meeting clients' needs. The senior staff has an average of nearly 20 years experience in the industry. Among the many tasks performed by BAI's Analytical Support Staff are:

  • Analyze utility bills and test alternative rates
  • Conduct bill audits and energy cost reduction assessments
  • Rate comparisons among utilities
  • Monitor electricity restructuring activities across the country
  • Track wholesale electric market prices by region
  • Track natural gas futures prices
  • Conduct analyses of utility incremental costs
  • Retrieve data from key energy-related internet sites
  • Support rate of return and depreciation studies
  • Provide research and graphic support for testimony, BAI Reports, Newsletters and Seminars
  • Monitor the websites of the major control areas
  • Conduct jurisdictional and class cost of service studies
  • Analyze nuclear plant performance

BAI Analysts also utilize and maintain extensive information sources, such as:

  • Real-time link to NYMEX futures market
  • FERC Form 1 Reports
  • Legislation and Regulatory decisions on key issues
  • Utility tariffs
  • NERC and Reliability Council Reports
  • Electric and natural gas market prices
  • PUR Base (an electronic version of the Public Utility Reports)
  • U.S. Government and other forecasts
  • Typical bills for residential, commercial and industrial customers
  • Electric utility hourly incremental costs
  • Electric Generation Development
  • Utility Stock and Credit Reports
  • Value Line Investment Survey Analyzer
  • SNL

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