Jessica York

Jessica York



     Areas of Expertise  

Competitive Procurement
Competitive Supplier Negotiations
Contract Administration
Power Natural Gas Procurement
RFP Issuance/Assessment
Wholesale Market Analysis
Wholesale/Retail Price Forecasts

Cost of Service/Rate Design
Class Cost of Service
Rate Design
Tariff Analysis

Cost of Capital
Financial Integrity
Revenue Requirement Issues


Ms. York is a Principal at BAI.  She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics with minors in Statistics and Actuarial Science from Truman State University in 2008.  Ms. York also earned a Master of Business Administration Degree, with a concentration in Finance, from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2014.

Ms. York joined BAI in 2011 and has been involved in numerous projects in both regulated and deregulated markets. She has worked in various electric, natural gas and water regulatory proceedings addressing cost of capital, sales revenue forecast, revenue requirement assessments, class cost of service studies, rate design, and various policy issues.  Ms. York has also conducted competitive power/natural gas solicitations on behalf of large electric and natural gas users, has assisted those large power/natural gas users in developing procurement plans and strategies, assisted in competitive contract negotiations, and power/natural gas contract supply administration. 

Project Work

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